Strategic Planning & Facilitiation

BOE has a team of specialist facilitators to assist in developing:

  1. strategic business plans,
  2. project plans,
  3. business development and marketing plans,
  4. communication plans, and
  5. feasibility studies.

Preparation. Our facilitators take the time to understand your business objectives, your markets, your competitors, your allies and your stakeholders' thinking.  Well prepared, we are able to initiate a thoughtful and lively discussion:  we challenge the group's current thinking and create an atmosphere that stimulates participants to form their own creative ideas and solutions.  

BOE's team includes subject experts who identify and interpret technological, social, political and business trends, and transforms them into meaningful inputs to the discussions.  We also have experts in organisational and business development who will keep discussions firmly focused on your business imperatives. 

Thought capture. Our facilitators 'capture' the thoughts and ideas of your own stakeholders, and inject an independent perspective to help you create a cohesive strategy or plan.

Our team includes highly regarded writers who worked for many years as journalists for some of the most respected international business journals.  They encapsulate the ideas emerging from discussions into well-crafted and highly readable plans and reports. 

Plan ownership.  Because the plans and strategies represent the ideas of your stakeholders, they feel they have ownership, which ultimately ensures successful implementation.