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Sustainable Business Development

Sustainability underpins business sustainability. BOE believes that for a business to be sustainable and have enduring success, it must operate under the principles of sustainability: it must work with the environment and the community, not against them.    

During the last 15 years of working with numerous clients in diverse sectors, we have identified three key characteristics that define a sustainable business: awareness of sustainable development issues confronting the planet; a strong ethical approach to business; and the application of best business practice.

Trend spotting. Sustainable businesses anticipate long-term trends to inform their strategies.  BOE helps you identify and interpret macro-trends and market opportunities, and work them into your business planning process.

Sustainability is indeed one irreversible trend. A major study by BOE has found evidence that a commitment, and accompanying investments in sustainability, do improve business profitability.  Based on case studies of organisations that have integrated sustainability into their basic business model, the study has found that sustainability is as much a business driver as the traditional concepts of pricing and product positioning.

Business design. Our facilitators take the time to study your business model, your growth objectives and your market.  This enables them to create thoughtful and stimulating workshops that examine how your existing business model could be re-designed to ensure your investments and efforts in sustainability will enhance financial outcomes.  

Our team includes business finance experts who could help identify the types of sustainability expenditure and investment will provide the best return for your business.