Sectoral Alliance Facilitation

Common goals. Some business objectives are best achieved by forming alliances with other organisations that share the same goals.  However, it is not always obvious who to partner with.  Sometimes, collaboration with competitors could be an efficient way of achieving market changes that will benefit an entire industry.

Often, organisations are unaware that unrelated groups are working towards the same objectives as theirs.  Our work with diverse sectors over the last 15 years enables us to identify - and facilitate - linkages among organisations to achieve efficiencies in achieving a common goal.

Whole-of-market transformation. Specifically, we facilitate alliances to achieve objectives that require behaviour change in an entire market.  For example, the accelerated uptake of 'green building' practices in Australia is the result of collaborative efforts of sustainable development proponents from government, property companies, property industry associations, academia and non-government organisations. 

BOE was involved in developing some of these alliances: our long-running work with all these sectors equipped us with depth and currency in our understanding of the objectives of each sector.