Business Leadership Training

Executive Leadership in Sustainable Business

We have developed a leadership program for the building industry that incorporates sustainability principles into an organisation's business design. The program addresses the emerging need for corporate and government leaders who not only understand how to apply sustainability principles to improve business performance, but who can also recognise market trends, interpret them for their businesses and then lead staff and other stakeholders through dynamic change.

Successful companies and organisations incorporate sustainability as an integral part of  traditional business design, including customer needs, market segmentation, cost structure and product positioning.

This enables them to create thoughtful and stimulating workshops that examine how your existing business model could be re-designed to ensure your investments and efforts in sustainability will enhance financial outcomes.     
Our team includes business finance experts who could help identify the types of sustainability expenditure and investment will provide the best return for your business.

Business Planning and Development

BOE has developed - and delivers - a two-day Business Development course that can be customised to the specific needs of organisations. The course is also delivered through Engineering Education Australia, where participants earn credits towards the requirements for Continuing Professional Development.

The course focuses on business development for service companies and professional services, and takes participants through the stages of business development. It covers:

  • Target market definition and segmentation;
  • Positioning;
  • Creating value propositions;
  • Communicating value propositions;
  • Client development;
  • Client retention; and
  • International business strategies.
  • Leadership in Science, Technology and Academia

BOE delivers a program designed to strengthen the capability of senior technical or academic staff to communicate and influence both internal and external stakeholders to achieve commonality of interest. Alignment will always be a fundamental issue in organisational planning and management, and in a scientific or university environment, a common goal between the technical and executive streams is critical in achieving strategic objectives.

Technology and Business Technology Alignment

BOE has developed a structured learning program for middle managers from Information Technology (IT) environments to enhance their capability to manage IT for business outcomes. Managers who have the capability to plan, roll-out and manage technology as a cohesive business strategy will ensure their companies' future market advantage.

The program acts as a change agent for companies wanting to achieve better alignment between their business and their technology, or to broaden the people skills of technical staff so they can lead staff and work constructively with other areas of the business.