Strategic Communication

Through our holding company, Persuade Communications Pty Ltd, we provide marketing and communications solutions specifically toservice organisations in both industry and the public sector. We understand the specialist needs of service marketing. We:

  • interpret technological, social, political and business trends;
  • develop and implement marketing communication strategies that align your business drivers with these trends; and
  • build organisational alliances and support negotiations

We help you to reach an audience and get your message not only heard, but accepted. We emphasise cost effective communication – improve the delivery and impact of your communication, so that you can operate more efficiently and growth your business or stakeholder support.

We aim to complement your in-house skills and provide expert and professional support so you can concentrate on your core activities. We have a network of contacts with allied skills, whom we will bring to your project as and when they add value.

Strategy and planning

Persuade Communications works with you to develop detailed plans that address your internal needs, as well as those of your stakeholders. In producing these plans, we consult extensively with your staff and stakeholders. This ensures that your business and marketing plans are aligned with both your organisational objectives and resources. Whether the plan is for a one-off campaign or a twenty-year strategy, we can help to identify opportunities, design activities and prepare detailed budgets.

Information and media campaigns

We work with you to identify the range of communication and publicity options available to best reach your target audiences and fulfill your needs. We understand the workings of the print and electronic media, and the types of information that journalists and editors value. We work with you to identify where the true value of your story lies, whom to target it to, and how. We then prepare tools such as press statements, releases, information sheets and capability documents.

Issues and crisis management

From internal business analysis to external relations,we provide advice and assistance in managing complex and highly confidential issues. With expertise in media, stakeholder, government and organisational management we can provide an impartial viewpoint as well as off-site security and confidentiality. With particular expertise in highly technical and politically sensitive areas we can identify problems before they arise and provide solutions to offset them.

Event concepts and coordination

We have extensive experience in assisting clients to create the ultimate event, achieving maximum benefit and returns against clearly identified goals. From designing the event to marketing and management, we compliment your in-house capabilities to achieve a polished performance at the most cost-effective rate. Bringing the right resources to you as you need them, including our network of alliances, we help execute events of any size and scale in a cost-effective way.

Surveys and research

We provide independent research and studies of business and industry sectors, providing inputs to your strategic planning. From target market analysis to investigation of your internal operations, we provide services such as questionnaire development, surveys of the Internet, telemarketing, in-depth interviews, focus groups and the preparation of research reports.

Internal communication

With a solid background in public affairs, Persuade Communications Managing Director, Lindsay Bevege, understands what makes companies tick. Whether you need to improve communication flow, introduce change, or identify issues – and solutions – Persuade can design and implement internal communication strategies to fulfill your goals.

Examples include:

  • Strategies for winning employee commitment
  • SInternal newsletters and workshops
  • SStrategic planning workshops

Website and social media content and coordination

As with all selling tools, your web site and social media tools should be professionally planned, developed and managed, with your company goals and target audiences firmly in mind. Persuade Communications assists you to distil the essential content elements for your web site and to develop the most cost-effective strategy to produce and manage your ongoing requirements in this fast-paced electronic medium. Our creative team works closely with technical experts including Scenovia to ensure seamless deliver of your message.

Writing and editing

Persuade Communications offers high-level writing skills, specialising in the clear communication of complex scientific and technical issues to a range of audiences, including the general public, students, government and industry.We have experience writing for a wide range of needs and audiences, producing communications such as: 

  • plans
  • reports
  • studies
  • posters
  • brochures
  • web content
  • speeches
  • books
  • capability sheets
  • annual reports
  • newsletters
  • media articles
  • film scripts
  • presentations
  • advertisements
  • fact sheets
  • press releases