BOE has a team of specialist facilitators to assist in developing:

  • strategic business plans,
  • project plans,
  • business development and marketing plans,
  • communication plans, and
  • feasibility studies.

Preparation. Our facilitators take the time to understand your business objectives, your markets, your competitors, your allies and your stakeholders’ thinking. Well prepared, we are able to initiate a thoughtful and lively discussion: we challenge the group’s current thinking and create an atmosphere that stimulates participants to form their own creative ideas and solutions.

BOE’s team includes subject experts who identify and interpret technological, social, political and business trends, and transforms them into meaningful inputs to the discussions. We also have experts in organisational and business development who will keep discussions firmly focused on your business imperatives.
Thought capture. Our facilitators 'capture' the thoughts and ideas of your own stakeholders, and inject an independent perspective to help you create a cohesive strategy or plan.

Our team includes highly regarded writers who worked for many years as journalists for some of the most respected international business journals. They encapsulate the ideas emerging from discussions into well-crafted and highly readable plans and reports.

Plan ownership. Because the plans and strategies represent the ideas of your stakeholders, they feel they have ownership, which ultimately ensures successful implementation.

Sustainability underpins business sustainability. BOE believes that for a business to be sustainable and have enduring success, it must operate under the principles of sustainability: it must work with the environment and the community, not against them.

During the last 15 years of working with numerous clients in diverse sectors, we have identified three key characteristics that define a sustainable business: awareness of sustainable development issues confronting the planet; a strong ethical approach to business; and the application of best business practice.

Trend spotting. Sustainable businesses anticipate long-term trends to inform their strategies. BOE helps you identify and interpret macro-trends and market opportunities, and work them into your business planning process.

Sustainability is indeed one irreversible trend. A major study by BOE has found evidence that a commitment, and accompanying investments in sustainability, do improve business profitability. Based on case studies of organisations that have integrated sustainability into their basic business model, the study has found that sustainability is as much a business driver as the traditional concepts of pricing and product positioning.

Business design. Our facilitators take the time to study your business model, your growth objectives and your market. This enables them to create thoughtful and stimulating workshops that examine how your existing business model could be re-designed to ensure your investments and efforts in sustainability will enhance financial outcomes.
Our team includes business finance experts who could help identify the types of sustainability expenditure and investment will provide the best return for your business.

Common goals. Some business objectives are best achieved by forming alliances with other organisations that share the same goals. However, it is not always obvious who to partner with. Sometimes, collaboration with competitors could be an efficient way of achieving market changes that will benefit an entire industry.

Often, organisations are unaware that unrelated groups are working towards the same objectives as theirs. Our work with diverse sectors over the last 15 years enables us to identify - and facilitate - linkages among organisations to achieve efficiencies in achieving a common goal.

Whole-of-market transformation. Specifically, we facilitate alliances to achieve objectives that require behaviour change in an entire market. For example, the accelerated uptake of ‘green building’ practices in Australia is the result of collaborative efforts of sustainable development proponents from government, property companies, property industry associations, academia and non-government organisations.

BOE was involved in developing some of these alliances: our long-running work with all these sectors equipped us with depth and currency in our understanding of the objectives of each sector.

BOE provides expert assistance in shaping submissions for maximum impact and success.

Our team includes subject experts, financial analysts and specialist writers who take the time to understand your objectives, and work closely with you to produce submissions that are both persuasive and exhaustive - reports that put your best case forward.

We have a network of alliances that provides expertise in diverse subject matters, including science and technology; sustainability and the environment; information technology; and public policy issues .

We have helped clients in the following areas:

  • government policy and case submissions,
  • business case analysis and development,
  • funding proposals (private and government),
  • sponsorships,
  • alliance-building proposals, and 
  • tenders.

Executive Leadership in Sustainable Business

We have developed a leadership program for the building industry that incorporates sustainability principles into an organisation’s business design. The program addresses the emerging need for corporate and government leaders who not only understand how to apply sustainability principles to improve business performance, but who can also recognise market trends, interpret them for their businesses and then lead staff and other stakeholders through dynamic change.

Successful companies and organisations incorporate sustainability as an integral part of traditional business design, including customer needs, market segmentation, cost structure and product positioning.

This enables them to create thoughtful and stimulating workshops that examine how your existing business model could be re-designed to ensure your investments and efforts in sustainability will enhance financial outcomes.
Our team includes business finance experts who could help identify the types of sustainability expenditure and investment will provide the best return for your business.

BOE has developed - and delivers - a two-day Business Development course that can be customised to the specific needs of organisations. The course is also delivered through Engineering Education Australia, where participants earn credits towards the requirements for Continuing Professional Development.
The course focuses on business development for service companies and professional services, and takes participants through the stages of business development.

It covers:

  • Target market definition and segmentation;
  • Positioning;
  • Creating value propositions;
  • Communicating value propositions;
  • Client development;
  • Client retention; and
  • International business strategies.

Leadership in Science, Technology and Academia

BOE delivers a program designed to strengthen the capability of senior technical or academic staff to communicate and influence both internal and external stakeholders to achieve commonality of interest. Alignment will always be a fundamental issue in organisational planning and management, and in a scientific or university environment, a common goal between the technical and executive streams is critical in achieving strategic objectives.

Technology and Business Technology Alignment

BOE has developed a structured learning program for middle managers from Information Technology (IT) environments to enhance their capability to manage IT for business outcomes. Managers who have the capability to plan, roll-out and manage technology as a cohesive business strategy will ensure their companies’ future market advantage.
The program acts as a change agent for companies wanting to achieve better alignment between their business and their technology, or to broaden the people skills of technical staff so they can lead staff and work constructively with other areas of the business.

Through our holding company, Persuade Communications Pty Ltd, we provide marketing and communications solutions specifically to service organisations in both industry and the public sector. We understand the specialist needs of service marketing. We:

interpret technological, social, political and business trends;
develop and implement marketing communication strategies that align your business drivers with these trends; and
build organisational alliances and support negotiations

We help you to reach an audience and get your message not only heard, but accepted. We emphasise cost effective communication – improve the delivery and impact of your communication, so that you can operate more efficiently and growth your business or stakeholder support.

We aim to complement your in-house skills and provide expert and professional support so you can concentrate on your core activities. We have a network of contacts with allied skills, whom we will bring to your project as and when they add value.

Strategy and planning

Persuade Communications works with you to develop detailed plans that address your internal needs, as well as those of your stakeholders. In producing these plans, we consult extensively with your staff and stakeholders. This ensures that your business and marketing plans are aligned with both your organisational objectives and resources. Whether the plan is for a one-off campaign or a twenty-year strategy, we can help to identify opportunities, design activities and prepare detailed budgets.

Information and media campaigns

We work with you to identify the range of communication and publicity options available to best reach your target audiences and fulfill your needs. We understand the workings of the print and electronic media, and the types of information that journalists and editors value. We work with you to identify where the true value of your story lies, whom to target it to, and how. We then prepare tools such as press statements, releases, information sheets and capability documents.

Issues and crisis management

From internal business analysis to external relations, we provide advice and assistance in managing complex and highly confidential issues. With expertise in media, stakeholder, government and organisational management we can provide an impartial viewpoint as well as off-site security and confidentiality. With particular expertise in highly technical and politically sensitive areas we can identify problems before they arise and provide solutions to offset them.

Event concepts and coordination

We have extensive experience in assisting clients to create the ultimate event, achieving maximum benefit and returns against clearly identified goals. From designing the event to marketing and management, we compliment your in-house capabilities to achieve a polished performance at the most cost-effective rate. Bringing the right resources to you as you need them, including our network of alliances, we help execute events of any size and scale in a cost-effective way.

Surveys and research

We provide independent research and studies of business and industry sectors, providing inputs to your strategic planning. From target market analysis to investigation of your internal operations, we provide services such as questionnaire development, surveys of the Internet, telemarketing, in-depth interviews, focus groups and the preparation of research reports.

Internal communication

With a solid background in public affairs, Persuade Communications Managing Director, Lindsay Bevege, understands what makes companies tick. Whether you need to improve communication flow, introduce change, or identify issues – and solutions – Persuade can design and implement internal communication strategies to fulfill your goals.

Examples include:

  • Strategies for winning employee commitment
  • Internal newsletters and workshops
  • Strategic planning workshops

Website and social media content and coordination

As with all selling tools, your web site and social media tools should be professionally planned, developed and managed, with your company goals and target audiences firmly in mind. Persuade Communications assists you to distil the essential content elements for your web site and to develop the most cost-effective strategy to produce and manage your ongoing requirements in this fast-paced electronic medium. Our creative team works closely with technical experts including Scenovia to ensure seamless deliver of your message.

Writing and editing

Persuade Communications offers high-level writing skills, specialising in the clear communication of complex scientific and technical issues to a range of audiences, including the general public, students, government and industry. We have experience writing for a wide range of needs and audiences, producing communications such as:

  • plans
  • reports
  • studies
  • posters
  • brochures
  • web content
  • speeches
  • books
  • capability sheets
  • annual reports
  • newsletters
  • media articles
  • film scripts
  • presentations
  • advertisements
  • fact sheets
  • press releases


"Sustainable businesses anticipate long-term trends to inform their strategies"